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95% of Veterans Don’t Know About This VA Benefit

The federal government provides your veterans pension based on your needs as a wartime veteran with a disability. However, the standard VA pension benefits may not actually cover your needs. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, you may qualify for a higher monthly pension rate if you meet certain eligibility requirements. If you need assistance with day-to-day activities Veterans or their surviving spouses may be eligible ...

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Carefully Read All Letters Regarding Benefits

When the Department of Veterans Affairs sends you a letter about your benefits, you might find it pretty dense. It's hard to wade through all of the information, and it's tempting to just skim it and set it aside. Don't do it. It's very important to read through the letter carefully so that you fully understand the decision that is being made and why it's ...

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Customize Your Estate Plan With These Essential Documents

Estate planning and probate issues are often misunderstood. For example, many people believe that estate planning is important only for extremely wealthy people, but that isn't true. You can benefit by taking steps now to plan for retirement, pass property down to heirs and ensure that safeguards are in place to prevent confusion and family conflict after you are gone. The key is to develop ...

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Attitudes Towards Long-Term Care Have Shifted: Why?

Over roughly the last two decades, attitudes about long-term care have changed. One expert noted that the change started around the year 2000. Generally speaking, it's something people think about more now than they have in the past. They're concerned, even worried. They're interested in planning in a way they weren't in previous decades. The exact reasons aren't always clear. It could just be that ...

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Don’t Make These 5 Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning is critical, and it's far more than just making a will. You also need to think about things like long-term care planning, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and much more. The financial impact of even one small mistake can be huge. With that in mind, here are five mistakes you should try hard to avoid: Don't assume anything about Medicare. For instance, it's commonly ...

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Important Benefits For Elderly Veterans

If your parent is suffering from dementia -- or you know an elderly person who is -- you might relate to the story that follows. A woman started looking for an assisted living facility for her mother, who was in an advanced state of dementia. Later, she discovered that her mother qualified for Veterans Administration (VA) benefits. The VA benefits were a great boon that ...

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Powers Of Attorney And Dementia

Watching your parents age can be immensely difficult, and this may be particularly true if your parents are suffering from dementia. At some point, it may be wise for you and your parents to sit down and talk about creating powers of attorney. Power of attorney grants a trusted person the right to make important decisions on behalf of the person who creates the document. ...

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The Importance Of Communication In Estate Planning

You're doing your estate planning, deciding how you're going to pass your assets on to your children. You're picking roles for them, such as naming one the executor of the estate, and deciding what you think is best for their lives moving forward. It may seem obvious to you that you need to talk to the kids about all of this, but a surprising amount ...

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