7 Pieces of Information You’ll Need When Applying for VA Benefits

You are thinking of applying for your VA pension benefits. You have not done it yet, but you believe you are eligible and you want to get the process started. You have also heard other people talk about getting denied for simple reasons and mistakes on their forms. You want to avoid dragging the process [...]

2018-06-21T21:18:58-05:00June 21st, 2018|

Is A Special Needs Trust Better Than An Inheritance?

You are going to leave money behind to an individual with disabilities that prevent that person from working, and you are trying to figure out the best way to do it. Should you leave that person a direct inheritance or should you set up a special needs trust? What you choose is up to you, [...]

2018-06-13T07:02:34-05:00June 13th, 2018|

By 2050, 20 percent of Americans will be 65 or older

The number of Americans who are 65 years old or older has been climbing for decades, and it is predicted to keep doing so. Some believe that by 2050, one out of every five people in the country will be at least 65. As noted, that's part of a larger trend. In 1950, the 65-year-olds' [...]

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Is It Time To Discuss Powers Of Attorney With Your Parents?

Maybe this is your aging parents' situation: for all of their married life, your father has taken care of their financial affairs, from managing investments to paying the household bills. But your dad now has some minor health problems, and little warning bells have gone off in your mind. What would happen if he were [...]

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