“Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail!” How true is that old saying? It’s especially true when it comes to everything you own and everyone you love. You’ve worked hard to accumulate enough assets to see you through, and you’d even LIKE to leave at least a little something to your children too, right? Well, if you don’t plan, you can expect to live somewhere that, given the resources, you wouldn’t have chosen. And you’ll leave a lot less, if anything at all to your kids. Estate plans aren’t one-size-fits-all. Each case is very different, and it takes an experienced and attentive attorney to help sift through everything – the assets, the desires/objectives of the client, and the family dynamics – to come up with a plan that will really work. The J. Clarke Wilcox, PLLC elder lawyers stand ready to guide you through the maze of challenges and get you to the desired goal.

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