One thing you want to think about when doing long-term care planning is your life expectancy. Of course, things like accidents and disease can cause anyone to pass away well before this age, but it still gives you a reasonable figure when planning financially for a realistic future.

In the United States, the life expectancy for men is rising, although just slightly. For instance, it now sits at 77.5, and it is predicted to hit 79.5 by 2030. For women, it is 82.1 right now and it is expected to reach 83.3 by 2030.

How does this compare to other countries? Researchers are not optimistic. The countries with the closest similarities are Croatia and Mexico. The United States trails far behind many comparably developed nations.

For instance, the prediction for women in South Korea is 90.8 years old by 2030. Remember, that is the average, so it suggests that a significant portion of women will live into their 90s. Even now, women in South Korea enjoy a life expectancy of 85.8 years old.

Men do come in lower, but they’re still ahead of Americans. They are at 79.3 today and are predicted to hit 84.1 by 2030.

Women in Japan already have a life expectancy of 88.5 years old, and women in France sit at 85.1. In Australia, men are predicted to live to 84 years old by 2030, while women in Australia will reach 87.6.

The reasons that the United States has such a low life expectancy are many, and it underscores the importance of long-term care planning and estate planning in general.

Source: Science Alert, “Average Life Expectancy Is Expected to Pass 90 For The First Time Ever,” Mike Mcrae, accessed May 04, 2018