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As we age, we become dependent upon others to assist, guide, comfort and care for us. Without the proper plan in place, doing all those things for someone else can be a real challenge. Elder lawyers help families navigate the challenging course of growing older. Whether you are the senior or whether you’re that loving adult child-caregiver, you need a professional on your team.  J. Clarke Wilcox has been assisting clients and their families for nearly 20 years.  Elder Law is his ONLY focus.  Servicing the entire DFW area and beyond, Clarke and his staff stand ready to help the aging and their families. Areas of expertise: Long-term Care, VA benefits, Special Needs, Estate Planning, Probate, Business Succession.

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First, lots of people don’t need a Last Will & Testament. In this day and age, many small estates can be dealt with by other means that are cheaper and less time-consuming. Second, estate planning is never a “cost.” While there may be n expense associated with the initial development of a plan, the long term implications should represent both a “savings” and a terrific return on investment. J. Clarke Wilcox, PLLC can show you how that initial expense is a sound investment in the future. Finally, there are many, many, very difficult decisions that a family has to make as a loved one grows old. Much of the pain and heartache can be removed or minimized by putting an affordable and doable plan in place.

The attorneys at J. Clarke Wilcox, PLLC are experts in separating fact from fiction. You’ve heard a lot of myths: “If you don’t have a will, the state takes everything.” “You have to be broke to get medicaid.” “Everybody should have a trust.” Those common statements, and many other similar ones, just aren’t true. But they arise out of the mess that folks create for themselves when they don’t have plan in place.” The most important thing you can do is to put together YOUR plan.

J. Clarke Wilcox, PLLC can help you with estate plans (of nearly any size and shape); probate issues (like business succession or guardianships); government benefits (Medicaid and VA pensions); the cost of long term care; and seeing to the special needs of those who need help and support the most.

If you‘re elderly or you have a parent or loved one who is elderly, please contact J. Clarke Wilcox today.  Mr. Wilcox has the expertise to answer all your Elder Law questions and help you plan for this stage of life. The J. Clarke Wilcox team has worked extensively with hundreds of clients who are preparing for assisted living, long term care needs and special needs. They’ve helped families save millions of dollars that, otherwise, would have been needlessly wasted.

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