It’s been estimated that fewer than 5% of Veterans know about (and that less than 1% of them ever get) a little-known or appreciated VA pension benefit called “Aid and Attendance.” Veterans, who meet the criteria, can receive all, or part, of a significant pension that’s TAX-FREE! The J. Clarke Wilcox, PLLC three-step “Aid Attendance” process works like this: First, the J. Clarke Wilcox staff and VA-accredited attorneys gather all the info pertaining to each client’s situation. Income, assets, un-reimbursed medical expenses are all examined very closely. Then, the firm issues a Comprehensive Strategy Analysis (CSA) that shows each and every available planning option that a client might use. The CSA even includes a large body of background information to help clients understand how the VA bureaucracy actually works. Armed with all that information, the client and attorneys decide on how to move forward. Finally, we help our clients execute the plan that has been developed. Additionally, if desired, J. Clarke Wilcox even advises the client during the entire preparation of the application(s) and directs the follow up with the Veteran’s Administration during the approval process.

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