You’ve heard the myth. “You’ve got to  be broke to qualify for Medicaid!” It’s simply not true. With proper planning, a family can preserve a very large portion, if not ALL of their assets and still get Medicaid assistance to help pay the incredibly high cost of long term care.  Here at J. Clarke Wilcox, we use a process that’s been proven to work well over time. First, we gather all the information pertaining to each client’s situation. Income, assets, medical expenses are all examined very closely. Then, a Comprehensive Strategy Analysis is issued, which shows each and every available planning option that the client might use. We even include a large body of background information to help you understand how the bureaucracy of Medicaid actually works. Armed with all that information, we consult with the client and decide on how (or whether) to move forward. Second, we help our clients execute the plan that has been developed, whether it involves annuities, asset protection trusts, Qualified Income Trusts or the like. Finally, if desired, we even oversee the entire preparation of the application(s) and follow up with the appropriate administrative agencies (like Texas Health and Human Services or the Veteran’s Administration).

If you’re married, there’s EXTREMELY good news! You don’t have to be broke to qualify for Medicaid or VA benefits. You can keep your home, car and household furnishings along with a substantial amount of money. And if you are single, you should consider gifting some money to your family. You can still qualify! You just need the help of some experienced professionals, that’s all!

We have worked extensively with hundreds of clients who are preparing for long term care needs. We’ve helped families save millions of dollars that, otherwise, would have been spent on skilled nursing or long-term care. We’d be honored to work with you and your loved ones.

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